Chocolate in Chelsea: Catherine Selin

by professorchocolate on Dec.01, 2011, under Behind The Scenes

bon bons

Using only the highest quality chocolate, and years of experience, Catherine Selin has created a fantastic line of delicious bonbons, French-dipped squares and classic truffles.  She was home schooled in baking and pastry during the long harsh winters in the north woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  With this experience, she began baking brownies for the original Balducci’s here in NYC.  It wasn’t until after career as an attorney working with battered women that she really discovered the art chocolate.

After working with both Belgian and French chocolate masters, she finally launched her line, and Chocolate in Chelsea was born.  Besides the taste, we love the exclusivity that envelopes these tasty morsels… Delivery and Pick-up (our choice) services are available.  If you love chocolate, it would be a mistake not to check out the website!  When you place your order, be sure to try the Lemon Basil and the Aztec… Our Professor Picks!

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