Professor Chocolate Takes Manhattan

by professorchocolate on Aug.01, 2011, under New Products

It took us 5 years to produce and publish the downtown edition of The Ultimate Guide to Finding Chocolate in NYC. We did everything from the ground up and learned along the way. We literally mapped every street in Manhattan and personally visited every chocolate shop there was to be found.

Our goal is to educate the choco-conscious ‘consumer’ and to lead them to the finest shops in town. Everyone loves different things. We wouldn’t dare tell people what IS and what IS NOT good…that is simply a matter of choice.

We are trying to raise money to complete:

1) the uptown edition for NYC
2) the NYC hot chocolate guide
3) the revision of the downtown guide for NYC

We are also trying to raise money to help publicize the books while we are off from our teaching jobs during the Summer. It is perhaps the most critical aspect of publishing and the one where most self-publishers fall short. This will enable us to sell enough copies to begin work on our next book, which will be a chocolate guide book written for one of the following locations: Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, San Francisco or Tokyo.

In our downtown edition, we profiled 40 chocolate shops, factories, boutiques, and chocolatiers including…
Cacao PrietoMarieBelle, Kee’s, Jacques Torres, Vosges, Christopher Norman, Alison Nelson, Max Brenner, Fritz Knipschildt, Chocolat Modern, L.A. Burdick, FIKA, Leonidas, La Maison du Chocolat, Mast Brothers, Cocoa V, Three Tarts, Chelsea Market Baskets, Bespoke, Bond Street Chocolate, Roni-Sue’s Chocolate & more.

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  • Roxanne Browning

    It was a pleasure to meet over fine NY chocolates recently. We are fortunate to have so many choices in our great city and enough to fill a book! Professor chocolate’s guidance is never done since the city keeps changing. I was delighted to turn them on to Patric, a mid-western hand crafted chocolate maker. One of the finest and glad it’s available in NY. Thanks Professor and hope to meet up with you again! Roxanne

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