Can Chocolate Truffles be Luscious and Gluten-Free? Indeed They Can

by professorchocolate on Jan.29, 2011, under Gluten + Sugar-Free

Heather Foley is a mom, chocolatier, and wife. She unequivocally loves all three and is in love with all three. Simple and genuine. Foley started Azure Chocolat a few years back with the intent of spending more time with her kids and less time in the life-draining world of corporate America.

Azure Chocolat is  based out of Long Island with Whole Foods as the main retail partner in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut (the Houston Street location has at least a dozen truffles on display at any given time).

Though Foley’s passion for life and crafting artisan chocolate makes for a good story, there’s more to it. All of her chocolates and treats are made with Belgian chocolate, always using fresh and natural ingredients, reason enough to sample. Foley, however, takes her micro-batched treats to another level: everything is gluten-free.

On a recent sample of Azure’s gluten-free truffles, each in their right was seductively sumptuous. For those thinking that they must sacrifice taste for gluten-free products, think again. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favs in no particular order.

Dubbel Dark Ale: Dark chocolate rolled into a gluten-free stout beer? Beer and chocolate certainly do blend. Foley perfects it.

Hot Monkey Love: Sadly enough, the name sold us (yeah we’re cheap like that). Be warned: the mix of whiskey and cayenne create a sultry truffle, tasting even better than the name suggests.

Peanut Butter Banana: Organic peanut butter enrobed with dark chocolate. Creamy with a crystal-like crunch. Any day. Any time.

Pomegranate: For those who like a fruity, anti-oxidant induced truffle, this is for you. Not overly sweet, yet elegantly enrobed in dark chocolate.

Cardamon Coffee: Possibly our favorite truffle from Azure due to it’s balance of dark chocolate, brown sugar, and of course, coffee. Sweet at first with a hint of lingering espresso that had us dreaming of the lightly browned colored confections.

Gluten-free or not, Azure is crafting some of the best chocolate in all the land with passion and love.

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