Tipple Bon Bons at Bond Street

by professorchocolate on Mar.20, 2011, under Chocolate of the Month

Lynda Stern, owner and chocolatier of Bond Street Chocolates, whips up some wickedly tasty bon bons. On most occasions, we sample a handful of different chocolates, always comparing one to the other. Bond Street Chocolates consistently creates an alcohol-infused ganache that is usually smooth and easy to consume.

Take the Bourbon bon bon for example. Many versions of this bon bon fail to blend the couverture (the chocolate shell) with the fragrance of the ganache. In most cases, the tipple interior tastes way too much like a bottle of whiskey on a Saturday night. Stern’s creations on the other hand are well balanced, strong enough to let your taste buds know that you’re tasting alcohol-inspired confection, but not over powering.

One of our favorite interiors within this genre of chocolate making is the Elderflower Liqueur. Spend time in Europe and this little drink shows up in restaurants- quite refreshing actually. Stern’s version of the Elderflower Liqueur is delicate and creamy with notes of butter and honey. For some reason, we associate Elderflower with buttercream, but it most likely has no relation- other than its color.

The balance of chocolate and ganache, not to mention an exotic holiday gift, makes this bon bon our “Chocolate of the Month.”

Never been to Bond Street Chocolate?  You may be surprised to learn that it’s not on Bond Street. Click on the link for more details.  http://www.bondstchocolate.com/

We like to visit here and sit in the small table for two that seems to be hidden from the rest of the world.

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